A Notary Public is an Officer of the Law and member of the third and longest established arm of the legal profession. I am appointed by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury and subject to Regulation of the Master of Faculties.

I prepare and authentic legal documentation, which is normally used overseas or at various embassies and consulates. I authentic and sign a vast variety of documents for individuals, charities as well as various company/partnerships from sole traders through to Plc’s.

Notaries are vital to the smooth working of international trade and as part of my practice I meet a vast array of different nationalities. My Notarial work is separate to that of my Solicitors practice.

The rules which govern my practice as a Notary are similar to those for my practice as a Solicitor and as such, I must be fully insured and maintain fidelity cover for the protection of my clients and the public and in addition, maintain a practising certificate on an annual basis.

Examples of types of work that I do:

  • Prepare and execute sponsorship forms;
  • Prepare and authenticate Powers of Attorney for use overseas;
  • Deal with purchases and sales of land overseas (I will see a lot of documents for properties in Spain, the Caribbean and the USA);
  • Authenticate documentation for immigration and/or emigration. Typically, this may include identification documents, authenticating degree certificates and other qualifications;
  • Assisting with documentation required to marry – Freedom to Marry Declaration;
  • Authenticating company and business documents such as Directors’ ID, witnessing and authenticating contractual documentation for use abroad, Powers of Attorney etc;
  • Assisting with authenticating documentation to work abroad;
  • Administering Oaths, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations or Affirmations;
  • Attesting documentation required to establish a company abroad;
  • Attesting documents required for foreign adoption;
  • Dealing with documentation giving authority for a minor to travel;
  • Dealing with documentation required authorising the issuing of a passport to a minor;


For further information please visit:

Field Overell LLP
Notaries Society
Foreign & Commonwealth Office